Are You Ready To Take Your Life In a New Direction?

Unearth the remarkable life transformation of a Privacy Pros Mentee and learn how she was able to achieve her goals and become unstoppable – all within three months!

Hi, my name is Jamal Ahmed and I’d like to invite you to listen to this special episode of the #1 ranked Data Privacy podcast.

After a year of working tirelessly at her job, Roberta was finally served the harsh truth: no promotion would ever come. Feeling miserable and frustrated, Roberta found herself questioning her worth and her skills. Listen as we unravel this inspiring story about how to handle any challenge life throws your way!

In this episode, discover:

Roberta Batzella is a qualified privacy professional and solicitor.

Roberta uses her legal training to inform Data Protection and Privacy practices and produce reports, documentation and advice that withstand scrutiny and challenge. She has comprehensive experience in data protection strategies and tactics, supporting complex organisations to accelerate and strengthen compliance with the DPA, GDPR and international privacy legislation and regulations. Her expertise spans Data Protection Impact Assessments, Data Subject Access Requests, Subject Rights Requests, Legitimate Interest Assessments, Records of Processing Activities, Privacy Notices and Data Breach investigations.

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