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Get ready for an electrifying and transformative podcast experience!

Our guest is a Privacy Pro with a powerful, dynamic approach to storytelling and coaching. He’s worked with athletes and SWAT leaders, honing their mental skills to maximise performance and success.

Hi, my name is Jamal Ahmed and I’d like to invite you to listen to this special episode of the #1 ranked Data Privacy podcast.

In this gripping episode, you’ll discover:

Plus: the visualisation technique athletes use for high-performance and success!

If you’re ready to become an action taker, this podcast is a must listen.

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Jacob is a Partner at Wired Relations, a privacy management software provider.

He’s also the host of Privacy League, a podcast where he provides the latest knowledge on GDPR/ Information Security and interviews with experts in the industry. Jacob has worked as both a journalist and a jurist in politics, real estate, finance, and education. Now, he focuses on legal issues, privacy, and compliance. On a more personal note he is a soft-hearted father and a mental skills coach to young aspiring football players and boxers.

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