In Conversation With The Author Of The IAPP textbook “Strategic Privacy by Design

In this episode, we have seasoned privacy engineer, developer, lawyer and author R. Jason Cronk on the show. In this episode, Jason gives a comprehensive breakdown of the essence of privacy by design, the nuances of privacy threat modelling as well as the differences between normative and tangible privacy harms and how companies often overlook the former.

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn:

With over two decades of experience in principle and trust consulting, R. Jason Cronk is a seasoned privacy engineer, developer, lawyer, author of the IAPP textbook “Strategic Privacy by Design,”.

He is also the founder and president of the Institute of Operational Privacy Design, a non-profit organisation of privacy professionals which seeks to define and drive the adoption of common and comprehensive standards to protect individuals’ privacy. His knowledge and involvement reaches across the spectrum as an active member of the academic, engineering, legal and professional privacy communities and a pioneering voice in the development of privacy by design. Whether it is writing books, developing models and frameworks, or training companies and individuals alike, he is tirelessly advocating for privacy across the world.

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