How Important Is Privacy To You?

In this episode, serial author and leading privacy professional Judith Ratcliffe breaks down the role of privacy pros in preserving our privacy rights in the digital age

We discuss:

This episode will leave you with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing privacy today, and how we can create a more privacy-friendly future.

Judith is a leading privacy professional, and a serial author who has been championing individual rights and helping organisations and government departments to get privacy and data protection right for over a decade.

She’s also worked in financial crime prevention and she was a hospital radio broadcaster for seven years. So I’m sure you’ll share some tips on how to get this podcast even better. Her first privacy and data protection book, Privacy and Data Protection in Your Pocket, Personal Data Breaches is out now.

And earlier this year, the Law Society of Scotland journal published her opinion piece on why we need the UK government to commit to providing services through offline channels

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