How Tracy Became A Privacy Leader In Only 3 Months

Leading Privacy Lawyer Spills the Secrets on How To Guarantee A Successful Career in Data Privacy When Tracy joined the Privacy Pros Academy, she was looking for the confidence to serve her organisation and clients to the best of her abilities. Three months later, Tracy had not only passed the CIPM, she was ‘killing it’ […]

From Almost Fired To A Leader In Privacy: Punit’s Story

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The 50th Episode Special – Breaking The Fourth Wall

Get Ready For Something Different! On the 50th episode of the Privacy Pros Podcast, join Jamal and Jamilla as they take a look back on their podcast journey. Get an inside look into their favourite moments, success stories from the Academy and behind-the-scenes stories that will leave you shocked! They also give a glimpse into […]

CIPPE vs. CIPM – Which Certification Is More Likely To Get You A Good Job?

Are you looking to get your first certification but you’re unsure about where to start? With both CIPP/E and CIPM certifications being so popular, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. We understand, it’s hard to figure out which certification is the best investment to get your career on the […]

The Three Things You Need To Get Your First Role In Data Privacy

Do you want to work in Data Privacy but don’t know where to start? We’ve all been there. You’re interested in a new field but don’t know what the first step is. The good news is that getting your first role in data privacy isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, with the […]

#ShiftLeft: The New Way To Think About Privacy

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How To Succeed With Privacy By Design

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Uber Driver To Privacy Pro – How I Made It

Is It Possible To Switch Career & Make It As A PrivacyPro, Even Without Any Previous Experience Or A Legal Background? In this episode, Tahir Choudhury reveals all the details about his transformational life journey on the Privacy Pros Accelerator Programme. Prior to the programme, Tahir spent years working long hours at restaurants and as a […]

In Conversation With Eduardo Ustaran

World Renowned Privacy Leader with over 25 years of experience shares the secrets to his success! Attention Data Privacy Professionals who want to take their career to the next level In a special episode of the Privacy Pros podcast, Global co-head of the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity practice and editor of the official IAPP […]