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Brace yourself for an extraordinary episode featuring Katalina, a Privacy Pros Accelerator mentee! She’s here to spill the beans on her mind-blowing experience with the programme, her journey of overcoming rejection and the remarkable transformation that led her to secure multiple job offers as a Privacy Pro!

In this episode, you’ll unveil:

Get ready to transform your career and unlock boundless opportunities! Tune in now!

Katalina is a recent Privacy Pros Academy graduate who successfully passed her CIPP/E exam recently.

She has a varied background, as she has previously worked with Human Rights’ lawyers at a High Street Law firm, and she is now working in-house at a Fintech Company. When she was still a law student, she worked in customer service and sales. She worked and studied full time throughout her LLB Law, LPC and LLM. She is now a Privacy Professional aspiring to provide world-class service to every one of her clients, just like she was taught at Privacy Pros!

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