Can Age Appropriate Design Drive Business Success?

Brace yourself for an eye-opening episode as Jamal Ahmed and Jeffrey Kluge dive deep into the thought-provoking world of children’s privacy and its ethical implications, exploring how age-appropriate design can drive business success.


This is a must listen episode for Privacy Pros who want to stay ahead of the curve!

Jeff Kluge, a distinguished Fellow of ForHumanity and a certified auditor in Foundations of Independent Audit of AI Systems (IAAIS), Ethical Choice, the Children’s Code, and more, plays a crucial role within the priority drafting team.

Through an engineering-driven methodology that utilises business language, he effectively translates the legal principles of Age-Appropriate Design Codes into actionable criteria, enabling teams to ensure not only compliance but also the creation of robust and morally superior products.

Jeff’s expertise and findings affirm the notion that adopting methodologies like Age-Appropriate Design Codes can prompt businesses to develop customer-focused products that inspire enthusiasm and purpose. This contrasts with prevailing systems driven by fear, anger, and anxiety solely for the purpose of maintaining user engagement. His firm’s product offering facilitates the creation and updating of the Impact Assessments and Age-Assurance solutions for all those looking to innovate in children’s technology, ethically.

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