Former Chief Security Officer With Experience At Billion Dollar Companies Reveals The Secret To Running Successful Privacy Programmes!

Hi, my name is Jamal Ahmed and I’d like to invite you to listen to this special episode of the #1 ranked Data Privacy podcast.


And so much more….

Jad is a seasoned leader in software development, security, and privacy.

He spent 9 years on Google’s information security team and led security for social products. From there, Jad became Snap Inc.’s first Chief Security Officer, creating programs for security, privacy engineering, and spam and abuse from the ground up. Early in his career, Jad recognized that developing meaningful defenses takes time and resources, and decided in 2018 to create a tool that would address those challenges. He and Chris partnered to launch TerraTrue. Jad holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from McGill University and a master’s in computer science from Stanford.

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