Canada’s Top Data Privacy Expert Reveals The One Area Where She Is Completely Torn

Sharon Bauer dedicated her career to privacy based on her strong belief that we all have a right to privacy, we all should be in control of our information, and free from interference in our private lives, especially from government and law enforcement.

Sharon explains how the very tools that privacy and security pros get excited about, such as end-to-end encryption are the same tools that child abusers rely on to share images of child sexual abuse.

Sharon sheds the light on Apple’s announcement that it plans to scan iPhones for images of child sexual abuse and match them to known images in a database.

She explains how Apple plans to scan users’ encrypted messages for sexually explicit content as a child safety measure.

Whilst we support a proactive approach to preventing such heinous crimes and commend Apple for trying to solve a problem that too many people are scared to talk about, Sharon explores whether this is a slippery slope to a surveillance state, whether the system will be accurate, and whether innocent users will be implicated due to incorrect predictions.


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Sharon Bauer is a privacy consultant. She is also a lawyer. She is the founder of Bamboo Data Consulting.

Her firm specialises in privacy, security, data strategy and a range of cutting-edge technology ethics work.

She provides strategic risk management and privacy compliance advisory services. Sharon works with diverse companies, from startups to multinational corporations, in industries such as technology, financial services, telecommunication, healthcare, sports, marketing, and retail.

Sharon implements global privacy programs and acts as a virtual Chief Privacy Officer for various companies where she provides ongoing privacy advisory services.

Before founding Bamboo, Sharon was a litigator for 10 years and then worked at KPMG in the national privacy team. Sharon is a sought-out speaker on privacy matters and emerging technologies and frequently publishes about privacy issues.

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