How Privacy Pros Can Thrive And Make A Greater Impact with AI

Are you ready to dive into the future of privacy, AI, and data risk management? We have Russell Sherman CTO and co-founder of VISO TRUST, an AI-powered solution for third-party risk management. We discuss: Why AI is more than just a buzzword and why Privacy Pros need to adopt and adapt to stay ahead of […]

Facial Recognition: A Privacy Nightmare or a Tool for Good?

Facial recognition is everywhere, but who’s setting the boundaries? In a time when facial recognition technology is seeing unprecedented growth, privacy professionals must steer the conversations around its ethical use. Join Jamal as he dissects the complex world of facial recognition, shedding light on:  The potential use in different industries from automotive to the beauty […]

How To Be Successful In Cybersecurity: Inside Strategies For Rising To The Top

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From Junior Associate To Privacy Pro: How I Landed 3 Job Offers In 45 Days

Unleash Your Potential: The Chetandeep Transformation Story! From Junior Associate to Privacy Pro Extraordinaire! Chetandeep’s journey will leave you speechless. In just ONE year, he went from feeling stuck and miserable in a repetitive legal grind to becoming a world-class privacy pro! But that’s not all! 💥 Within a mere 45 days, he had not […]

How To Crush Imposter Syndrome And Build A Powerful Personal Brand

The second thing I did for overcoming impostor syndrome was just adopting this 1% better mindset that you’re not seeking perfection. Every month or every year, you’re going to improve yourself a little bit. The third thing is to just say yes to opportunity, even if you don’t feel like you’re 100% fit. And I […]

Containing Big Tech: Strategies And Tools For Privacy Pros To Lead The Charge

“You’ve got to give some recommendations. You just can’t say here’s all the bad stuff, you figure it out. No, you need to provide a roadmap and guidelines. And what I wanted to do is allow customers to connect the dots between the issues that we are facing from society when we have this significant […]

How To Win The Privacy Battle Against Big Tech

“If you want to live a modern life and not participate in the modern economy, there’s no way to avoid Google or Meta’s surveillance of you completely, which of course goes to the idea that no one actually consents to this. If you don’t have a choice, there is no consent.” Hold on tight for […]

How AI Will Redefine The Role Of Privacy Professionals

Privacy vs. AI: The Ultimate Showdown! In this episode, you’ll unveil: How you can enjoy the benefits of AI without losing your privacy Why balancing AI and privacy is not just a technical challenge but a legal and ethical one Powerful frameworks to implement privacy by design with AI If you’re ready to transform your […]

Never Give Up: How A Mindset Shift Led To Multiple Job Offers

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