The Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) is an advanced professional certification for top-level privacy professionals. With the current shortage of qualified privacy professionals, the benefits of CIPP certification are becoming increasingly more relevant. 

Organisations are desperate to hire individuals with expertise in privacy law – so they’re willing to pay a premium to get them! In this blog post, we will review the CIPP certification & its benefits. You may even find that it’s worth pursuing before you’re required to do so!

There are 13 reasons why the CIPP certification can bring a lot of value to you and your career! 

  1. Having the CIPP certification helps you stand out among other job seekers and attract top-level opportunities. It differentiates you from other candidates by showing you’re committed to the industry and willing to learn everything you can! 
  2. The CIPP is more than a piece of paper though. The CIPP is a privacy certification that can help you advance your career by giving you the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this field.
  3. Employers will recognize your expertise, as the CIPP is a well-known and respected certification, and shows you are willing to go the extra mile in order to gain more knowledge and qualifications.
  4. Benefits of having a CIPP certification also include increased credibility within an organization or company – giving you more power to negotiate for things like a higher salary, benefits, or a new position. 
  5. You are also more likely to get the big projects and promotions. The CIPP designation is seen as a sign of trustworthiness, so you’ll be able to gain access to sensitive information without fear that you’re going to leak it!
  6. Another reason why CIPP certification is a good idea is that it can help in your career development – by proving to your employer that you’re committed to the field, and that you have a deep understanding of how privacy laws will evolve; hiring you can be seen as a good investment for the future of a company.
  7. This premier privacy law certification is also helpful for maintaining compliance with industry regulation – by ensuring that you are up-to-date on changes in privacy legislation and can advise others on their obligations.
  8. What a CIPP designation will do is also provide assurance to clients that you’re knowledgeable and dependable.
  9. The CIPP certification may lead you to be considered for internal promotion within your organization. You’ll also have increased credibility among peers for being able to provide expert guidance on privacy law matters.
  10. This data privacy certification may also give you access to certain networks, which would otherwise require an expensive membership fee. These networks are great for getting to know new people, employers, and hiring managers and can lead you to a future opportunity. 
  11. The CIPP certification is a great way to boost your personal brand. As it’s an emerging field, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd with this qualification.
  12. This can be a great way to land job interviews that you might otherwise not have been invited for, as employers will find your expertise difficult to come by.
  13. The CIPP certification is also recognized internationally – so it’s an excellent opportunity if you’re thinking about travelling abroad for work.

Since we like to overdeliver, here’s a bonus for you: The benefits of an IAPP membership – 

The IAPP is a leading global not-for-profit organization of privacy professionals and scholars dedicated to the advancement of private sector knowledge, best practices, and standards. IAPP membership includes access to the IAPP’s library and research resources, as well as the annual membership meeting with top privacy experts. If you’re looking for a way to expand your skillset in this field, or have been thinking about getting a CIPP certification, becoming an IAPP member is definitely worth considering. 

Members receive complimentary access to all of the training and education materials in IAPP’s extensive library. This is a great way to gain additional knowledge in an emerging field – while also being able to mingle with privacy professionals who are at the top of their game! You’ll be exposed to cutting-edge topics, have access to research and insights from experts, and may even get some tips on how you can improve your own work.

Whether you want to get started in the privacy industry, or take that next step on your career path by becoming an expert in this area, there are plenty of reasons why the CIPP certification is worth pursuing.

It’s no wonder that a number of privacy professionals are signing up for CIPP training to really gain mastery in the field. It’s easier to justify spending money on training when you know that attaining this designation will have benefits for years down the line.

If you’re interested in getting your CIPP certification, don’t forget to join our private Privacy Pros Academy FB group – it’s totally FREE (for now). Here’s what you get when you join the group: 

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